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 Professional products like ABBA, Brocato, Amir, Scruples that cleanses your hair while protecting it from harmful elements. Protects your chemically treated hair and color. Helps add shine, keeps that hair frizz free and smooth. Professional Products that are free of harmful chemicals and contains no Synthetic Dyes, Sulfate Free & DEA Free, 100% vegan, energizes limp or thin strands.

Professional Beauty Salon Products

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Would you put any old beauty cream on your face?  Then why purchase anything else but professional beauty products to maintain the beauty of your hair?

The only thing that separates the professional product from the non-professional product is the quality standard by which each beauty line is produced. Professional beauty products such as Abba, Amir, Brocato, CND & Scruples are always guaranteed which speak volumes for Professional beauty supply companies. Many of these professional beauty lines are developed by hairdressers themselves & they work right alongside beauty professionals in the salon industry to develop & improve their products before they are released for sale to the general public. They are not tested on animals, but on real people that can speak about how they perceived & are tried and true. 


Beauty items like these non-professional beauty products can have high concentrations of alcohol, detergents, & other harsh chemicals in them causing damage to hair & skin. These beauty products strip out perms & salon color from your hair causing frizz, no control & lack of shine.

Mass manufactured beauty products can have heavy concentrations of wax substances in them, which can lead to build up on the hair & scalp and therefore can have adverse effects on the hair & skin.

Most non-professional products beauty may claim luxurious shine & manageability, but after several shampoos & conditioning treatments however, wax buildup is evident from dull lifeless hair, frizz & greasy scalp. It may take a salon clarifying treatment to remove wax build up from hair & scalp.


The professional beauty products used at Majestic Designs Salon will never cause build up or leave the hair feeling dry & brittle. Professional quality shampoos also will not strip hair of color or vital moisture. Quite a few of these non-professional beauty items are not actually ph balanced for your hair, and may leave it frizzy, dull, drab, or even fly away.

If you could get products of similar quality in any department store, why wouldn’t Majestic Designs Hair & Nail Salon use them?

While not all non-professional products are bad, you do run the risk of choosing one that could produce problems like build up, dryness, breakage, color fading, lifelessness, frizziness and a host of other problems.

In order to keep your new cut & color looking its best, it’s important to invest in professional hair care products.  These are the same products that Majestic Designs Hair & Nail Salon are using on your hair immediately before, during & after your styling. You are worth the small premium paid for Professional Salon product.  These professional salon products are a great investment in your appearance.

Majestic Designs Hair & Nail Salon chooses professional salon beauty products for you. These professional salon beauty lines add shine to hair, improves elasticity, Frizz free hair & control. Products like ABBA, Amir, Brocato & Therapro help your hairs elasticity & help fine limp hair.  These products are 100% guaranteed. These professional salon beauty products are only available in fine salons like Majestic Designs Hair & Nail Salon.




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