Hair Care Tips

Use the "Cool" Shot
Once you finish blow-drying, give your hair a blast of cool air using the "cool" setting on your blow-dryer. Hot air opens the hair cuticle while cold air closes it and seals in the moisture.
Cuticle damage is the most common form of hair damage, and in most cases can be remedied by using an acidic conditioner. But conditioners can only do so much. Too much hot air will blow the cuticles so far open that even the best conditioners will fail to make a difference. If the cuticle layers are damaged too often, the hair loses its strength and integrity, and breakage will occur. The heat emitted by a curling iron can be beneficial in some circumstances. If the cuticle layers are open too much, and the hair is frizzy in appearance, you can smooth the cuticle back down with the iron. This is almost like ironing wrinkles from clothing. It is necessary to prepare the hair first though before thermal styling. There are many products that are made especially for thermal styling.
Different hair texture requires different temperature. It is very important to use a flat iron with adjustable temperature. It is extremely important that you set the right temperature for your hair (see below). Try a few settings starting from low to high until you find a setting that straighten your hair fast and well enough while not burning your hair. Use a flatiron heat protection spray before each styling session. 

Hair Texture Recommended Temperature
Normal Hair 360-380 oF (180oC - 190oC Celsius)
Very coarse, thick, curly or ethnic hair 380-410 oF (190oC - 210oC Celsius)
Bleached, fragile, damaged or fine hair Below 360oF (180oC Celsius)


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