•  Pamper your nails with a gentle massage for enhancing blood circulation.
  •  Never file your nails from the edges as they become weak and tend to break.
  • Remove yellowing and dark polish residue with a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Leave on nails for 3-5 minutes.
  •  Use a nail buffer to smooth ridges and buff out stains.
  •  Always file in one direction for a smooth finish.
  •  When it comes to polish, look for shimmer - not glitter.
  •  Brush on a basecoat before polish for a smooth surface.
  •  If polish has separated, roll the bottle between your hands to mix it -- shaking can cause air bubbles on nails.
  • To keep polish from bleeding, dab cuticle oil on the skin surrounding the nail before applying color. HOWEVER, keep oil off of nail bed or polish will not adhere.
  •  Get a thin coat of polish by pressing the brush against one side of the bottle lip as you pull it out. With dark polish, paint the nail tip first then coat the whole nail.

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