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Body Sense Sinus Pillow

Body Sense Sinus Pillow

Body Sense Sinus Pillow
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Sinus Pillow for Hot or Cold Sinus Therapy -
The Sinus Pillow is made of high quality fleece and pack cloth so it can withstand the heat of a microwave. Its different blend of herbs and spices are selected for their ability to help open blocked sinus passages. It contains rosemary, peppermint, basil, marjoram, thyme and sage.
Weight: 1 lb.

BASIL - mentally clarifying, antispasmodic; treats respiratory ills.
MARJORAM - analgesic; sedative; eases respiration.
PEPPERMINT - cooling, soothing, decongestant.
ROSEMARY - analgesic; relaxant, reduces mental fatigue; increases circulation, eases headaches.
SAGE - clears sinuses and relieves headaches.
THYME - anti-viral; good for respiration; nerve tonic.
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